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APM can provide maintenance staff for your building such as superintendents and cleaners. All personnel are covered by WSIB and Employee Dishonesty Insurance paid for by APM.

Building superintendents can live in the building or can live on their own and work at the building at designated hours.

24 hour service is available through APM.

All superintendents and cleaning staff employed by APM have been through Whimis training. Certificates are available.

APM is focusing on a green program for all buildings to reduce the use of chemicals. The old system of string mops and buckets is being replaced with micro fibre systems that eliminate the use of dirty water and the need for large buckets of water. Chemical free products are being used for cleaning surfaces such as floors, sinks, toilets and desks with bacteria based products. Staff are trained to use coloured cloths to differentiate the cleaning of floors from toilets from desks to prevent cross contamination. Bacteria based products require minimal amounts in order to accomplish the level of cleanliness to meet standards. The reduction of product use and staff efficiencies passes savings on to the Corporation.

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