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The Management Philosophy of APM is to run every building like a business ensuring that the revenue is collected as required and the accounts are paid up to date.

Our maintenance standards are quite high which ensures your property is attractive and well maintained and marketable. This basic principle provides structure and support to the Board and removes the responsibility from volunteers.

A competitive quotation process is used at all times to ensure the best price is obtained for maintenance and repairs. References are obtained for any contractor or service provider to ensure only reputable companies will work on your property.
Life Lease

A form of housing for seniors, mature adults and special interest groups. Life Lease provides the opportunity for housing affordability, security and common community.

Life lease occupants have a Right–to-Occupy a housing unit and to use all of the common areas facilities. At any time the resident can decide to transfer this right back to another qualifying purchaser either directly or through the non-profit corporation.

APM is experienced in providing property management services to several Life Lease housing developments in Toronto. We are familiar with the Right-to-Occupy and the methods in which each non-profit organization has established their own criteria in the selection of Occupants.

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