Affordable Property Management Inc.


Non-Profit housing or social housing has been in existence since the late 1940’s. Non-Profit Housing Providers are groups of volunteers who have formed a housing corporation with its mandate to provide safe, affordable housing for the community.

The non-profit program is funded by the Federal and Provincial Governments and is administered by Municipalities called Service Managers. The program provides subsidies to the housing provider who in turn provides subsidies to tenants.

APM has been providing management services to non-profit housing providers since 1991. Maureen Barrey the President of APM was involved for several year in the development of non-profit housing as a Development Consultant and then started APM.

APM currently manages properties ranging in size from 26 units to 205 units. These properties are high-rise apartment, low-rise apartment and townhouses. Each non-profit corporation has its own unique mandate and provides housing to either families, singles or seniors. Each building is owned and operated by a Private Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

All APM staff have taken courses in rent-geared-to–income, the Introduction to Social Housing which is a course offered by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, risk management, how to read a Building Condition Assessment, how to use a Replacement Reserve Fund Study and other building related courses offered to the industry.

APM Senior Staff offer training for Board members. Governance is a very important part of being a Board member and incorporates several program procedures and policies that must be adhered to.  Every Board member has a critical role to play and APM will help you to understand that role.

The non-profit program is governed by the Housing Services Act 2011 (HSA). All APM staff are familiar with this Act and must abide by the Regulations in day-to-day operations. The selection of tenants to fill a rent-geared-to-income unit must follow a number of procedures all relate to the Regulations of the HSA.

They must also be familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act (formerly know as the Tenant Protection Act or the Landlord and Tenant Act). All tenants living in rental housing are governed by this Act and all rules and regulations apply to their tenancy. Property Managers must also abide by the Act.